The future of content is within Markdown


Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows you to quickly write structured content for the web.

Using markdown for writing content has some advantages over traditional blogging and content management systems such as WordPress:


  • Markdown files are just plain old text files, so they are less prone to malware or hacking compared to a traditional website.

  • There is no database to manage or keep secure, and no PHP web server to attack.

  • Markdown files can be easily backed up, version-controlled, and recovered. This makes them safer than content stored in a WordPress or Drupal database.


  • Markdown files load faster than WordPress pages. They don’t require any database queries or PHP processing

  • Markdown is simpler to write and edit compared to WordPress posts. You can focus on just writing without dealing with editor buttons, media uploads, etc.


  • Markdown files are portable. You can easily move them between Elegant and other static site generators, or convert them to other formats for different social media platforms.

  • Your content is not locked into a platform such as WordPress or Drupal. If you decide to try another content platform, all of your content can be migrated without any headaches.

title: The future is now
description: Markdown holds the key to creating simple but elegant content

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