Rapidly build optimized websites and amazing content.

Elegant is the easiest way to create a new static website or blog, and publish it online. No need for databases, external services, or complicated server setups.

Unified platform

A fully integrated suite of frontend technologies.

Elegant brings everything — static content, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and much more — together in one simple application.

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    • React
    • Next.js
    • Tailwind CSS
    • MDX-JS

Frequently asked questions

    • What is Elegant and how does it work?

      Elegant is a modern content creation framework that is the perfect starting point for your next project or idea.

      Elegant comes complete with everything you need to launch and grow a beautiful and amazing web application.

    • How much does Elegant cost?

      Elegant is completely free, and super affordable to host.

    • What kind of web applications can I build with Elegant?

      Elegant is perfect for building rich landing pages, detailed user guides, and amazing blog posts. 100% of this website has been built using the Elegant framework.

    • Do I have to write any setup code?

      Nope! We have taken care of all the boilerplate code for you. Simply insert your custom idea and spin up a beautiful looking server side rendered web application.

    • Can I customize and extend the Elegant framework?

      Yes! Elegant is 100% open source and extendable. We actively encourage code contributions from the development community.

    • Does Elegant offer simple Cloud based hosting for my web application?

      Not currently. We are actively developing Elegant and hope to debut seamless hosting in a future release. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when we launch native hosting.

    • Can I host my Elegant web application myself?

      Of course, you can host your application on any cloud provider. Elegant has been built for optimal performance on the Vercel hosting platform.

    • What tools and features are included?

      Elegant comes completely integrated with Google Analytics, ConvertKit, and more.

      We have included an SEO perfect theme that looks great on any device, and is perfect for blogging or writing user docs.

    • But why another framework?

      Elegant is a simple framework made up of the latest cutting edge frontend technologies. Elegant is meant to help you rapidly build your next idea, and not get in your way.

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