But why another framework?


A frontend framework can provide pre-built components and a simple starting point for your next project. By using a framework such as Elegant you can spend less time writing boilerplate code, and more time building your next big idea.

Many people have asked us “But why another framework?“.

Well honestly, a better option really does not currently exist that covers basic use cases of setting up a simple React.js application, complete with user documentation and a blogging site.

We refer to Elegant as a content creation framework, a simple starting point for content creators wanting to start a new website or blog.

Some additional benefits of using a framework for static content are:


Frontend frameworks provide pre-built components and libraries that can be easily reused across your application, saving time and development effort.


By using a framework such as Elegant, you ensure consistency in design and development patterns throughout your entire application.


Elegant has been expertly crafted for optimal performance and user experience. Elegant is built with the most cutting-edge frontend technologies, and includes lightweight code and a beautiful theme.


As your Elegant application grows in complexity and size, frameworks help to manage this growth with their modular architecture.

Community Support

A large community of developers provides support for the framework including bug fixes, updates, and contributions to open source projects which reduces bugs/errors associated with building from scratch.


Frameworks release security patches regularly which ensures better security against vulnerabilities.

So, why not another framework?