Development Update - May 2023: Elegant version 2.1


This month’s Elegant v2.1 release introduces a number of core website features that we feel most content creators will require for their basic website needs.


ConvertKit makes it easy to grow your email subscriber lists, sell more products, and send targeted email newsletters – all by easily embedding email marketing/email subscriber forms anywhere within your Elegant application.

Find the full ConvertKit configuration guide here: ConvertKit.

Google Analytics

We assume that most creators are going to want to track their metrics and growth, so we added the first of many analytics service integrations to come.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that offers free and simple user tracking and reporting for your web application.

Newsletter Forms

We have included a newsletter sign-up component, for extendability and reusability in future versions of Elegant.


Splash Landing Pages

Splash Page Layouts, now included in Elegant version 2.1, provide a simple page layout template for creating repeatable but unique landing pages.

Simple theme configuration with Tailwind CSS

Simple theme coloring is now set in the tailwind.config.js file. Though it’s not required, setting primary, secondary, and other theme colors in the tailwind.config.js file is the recommended method.

For example, if a user changes the primary color value, the change will be propagated across the app automatically.

Core Components

We have created a components/core namespace for easier theming and extendability in future versions of Elegant. All core components will eventually be migrated to this namespace.

Bug fixes and updates

A number of fixes and improvements have been shipped in the latest release of the Elegant framework.

Our favorite fix was to the npx elegant-init command. We updated the CLI command to provide detailed console output to the user during the initial Elegant setup steps.

I would like to thank @douglasrcjames for reporting this issue to us!

We love community involvement, and we actively encourage anyone with any suggestions or ideas on how to improve Elegant, WordPress, or any other content systems out there to open an issue on our GitHub repository.

Elegant version 2.2 is already in the works and under active development, so make sure to check back often for news on upcoming updates and features.