Elegant version 2.3 - Production Ready - Now with embedded YouTube videos.


Elegant version 2.3 is now available and ready for general production use. We have made a number of upgrades and enhancements to the core code, some of our favorites are documented below.

We’d also like to take the time to thank the development community for their continued support and effort.

Shout out to @Shiv-2712 and @Armaan-Singh-Dhillon for their code contributions to the Elegant project.

React 18

We have upgraded React.js to version 18 in the latest release of Elegant. We wanted to upgrade MDX-Loader to its latest package version, thus forcing us to upgrade to React 18.

Node.js 18

Elegant has been upgraded to Node version 18, to support the upgrade to React 18. We have also added additional support for Node.js versions 14 and 16.

MDX-Loader 2

MDX-Loader has been upgraded to version 2, along with it’s dependencies. The latest version allows for even faster Markdown loading and compile times.

Discord community

We have launched a new Discord community dedicated to the Elegant project. A number of developers have already joined and we would love to see you there as well!


Updated Documentation

Documentation is a never-ending project and is the motivating factor behind us starting this project. We have continued to improve the Elegant documentation based on user feedback and friction.

We have also taken this opportunity to pilot the early version prototype of our new CMS panel for writing content. Our CMS development efforts have been progressing smoothly, and we can’t wait to debut it to the world in an upcoming release.

Brand Policy Page

We have included a simple auto-generated brand policy page in the latest version of Elegant.

Updated Configurations

The sidebar navigation and authors configurations have been migrated to the Config namespace.

Contribution Guide

We have updated the developer’s contribution guide to make onboarding much clearer and simpler for new developers to the the Elegant project.


Full Changelog: