[RFC] Modify Existing Open MIT License


We are currently seeking feedback and comments from the open-source development community and others on improving our current Open MIT License.


  • Encourage open extendability of the Elegant Framework.

  • Give credit back to Outstatic and other open-source projects used to build Elegant.

  • Satisfy all community and OSS expectations and requirements.


The Elegant project recently came under scrutiny from the open-source software community regarding the current Open MIT License.

We need to give further credit to used open-source libraries and extend compliance to any new application created using the Elegant Framework.


Modify the existing LICENSE.MD file to include an attribution statement to give proper credit to used libraries.

Program uses the following open-source libraries from other authors; See their respective license headers for more details: Next.js: Tailwind CSS: TipTap: Outstatic:

How to Provide Feedback

To provide comments or feedback, visit [RFC] Modify Existing Open MIT License on GitHub or Join Elegant on Discord.