We wanted to take the time to give shoutouts and credit to the open-source projects and creators that have been vital in our development of Elegant.

Thank You 💜


Outstatic is a static CMS editor for Next.js, created by Andre Vitorio.

Elegant CMS is based on Outstatic, and uses many of the Outstatic api’s internally to power the content editor experience. Andre and the Outstatic community have been amazing and open during our development.

We look forward to continued collaborations, and Elegant will continue to contribute to the Outstatic project as we make advances and discoveries within our project.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is an open-source and unopinionated CSS framework for rapidly beautiful user interfaces. The tools and knowledge that the Tailwind team provides to developers are game-changing.


Elegant is built directly on top of Next.js, for a number of reasons including site loading speed, and next-level SEO features.

Plausible Analytics

In the early R&D days of the Elegant Framework concept, Marko helped guide me to the growing technology of static website generators.

You can find the original thread on Indie Hackers that inspired the whole thing here: What are you using to generate static content pages from .md files?

Without this early pivotal “lightbulb” moment, this project might not exist 🤔.