Elegant CMS

How to Style Text

Enhance your content by adding Styles and Formatting to your documents.

This guide will show you how to customize your content and website with different typography settings and formatting.

Styling Text

Whenever you select of block of text in the content editor, a floating menu will appear with styling options.

Below is a list of included text styling options that you can apply to your content by simply selecting a block of text within the content editor, and then clicking the corresponding styling option within the floating editor menu:


Add bold text to draw attention to certain words or phrases within your documents.


Add italicized styling to your text to convey a particular emphasis or tone in writing.

It’s important to note that excessive use of italicized text can make reading more difficult, so it’s generally best to use it sparingly and with a clear purpose.


Block quotes are often used to set off a section of text, typically to highlight or draw attention to a specific passage or statement.

Add block quotes to your text to quote others, or even make notes to users within your documentation website.