Release Notes

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


Core Changes

  • Added the first version of the new Elegant UI package. #131

  • Introduced the new Elegant CMS content admin panel and content editor. #141

  • Migrate all code away from the ‘core’ namespace. #185

  • Included a starter landing page with instructions on the steps of using Elegant. #198

  • Updated the welcome page to look more consistent with Elegant styling. #156

  • Updated the sitemap to include dynamic content. #171

  • Updated the blog and docs SEO. #173

  • Fixed the table of contents headings. #177

  • Show the docs page title and section on the mobile header. #180

  • Table of contents heading fix. #181

  • Feature/remove legal page layout js. #153

  • Fix/cms saved file path fix. #158

  • Moved the blog post images into the public directory. #157

  • Feature/dynamic blog route. #159

  • Enhancement/remove static mdx loader logic. #160

  • Refactor/remove js layout files. #161

  • Feature/updated RSS feed. #162

  • Enhancement/remove deprecated items. #164

  • Upgrade to Next.js 13. #163

  • Enhancement/updated layout. #165

  • Enhancement/navigation loading. #166

  • Enhancement/updated navigation. #168

  • Feature/noindex on admin pages. #169

Elegant UI Changes

  • Added the “Built with Elegant” component. #139

  • Added Discord Icon. #190

  • Added a Video Player component for displaying YouTube videos. #182

  • Added Facebook Icon. #186

  • Migrate Icons to the UI package. #170

  • Enhancement/UI components. #167

Misc Changes

  • Removed the background SVG image from the welcome page. #144

  • Migrated the trademark policy page to tsx. #151

  • Migrated the brand policy page to tsx. #152

  • Version 3.0 final pre-push. #199

  • Remove deprecated Steps components. #175 #176



  • Created a clean and simple admin login page; complete with Dark Mode support. #96

  • Added a dynamic name to the CMS panel configuration. #92

  • Created a new Admin configuration loading. #90


  • Improved readme for the Elegant project on GitHub. #118

  • Created a reusable Hero Section component for landing pages. #120

  • Migrated the existing navigation and author configurations to the config namespace. #107

  • Updated Storybook to version 7. #117

  • Updated MDX-Loader to version 2. #113

  • Added an arrow icon to the external links in the footer. #110

  • Included a Brand Policy page. #105

  • Removed deprecated components from previously released versions. #108

  • Created a ‘Development Tools’ documentation page. #106

  • Upgraded Elegant to React 18 and Node 18. #84

  • Node JS versions 16 and 18 and now supported. #87

  • Created a core ‘Card’ component, complete with stories and tests. #95

  • Added our Discord chat invite url to the footer. #76

  • Added a video player component for embedding YouTube videos within Elegant pages. #75


  • Fixed an issue where the canonical url tag was not loading properly. #68

  • Created a /config namespace to hold all current and future Elegant configurations. #50

  • Included a canonical url on all pages to further boost the SEO experience. #30

  • Added Storybook JS with dark mode support to Elegant to allow developers to build components in isolation. #26

  • Added complete sitemaps with robots.txt. #2

  • Included an .env.test environment file to provide Jest variables during unit testing. #23

  • Introduced enhanced SEO items to the Elegant project, such as rich snippets.

  • Created a core components namespace for simplified theming and extendability in future versions of Elegant.

  • Improved favicons across all browsers.

  • Slimmed down the existing .env file during project creation to only include the basic settings a user might need to start a new app. #37

  • Included an .env.example file that includes all of the essential configuration items a content creator may want. #37

  • Improved the output message displayed to users during project creation. #35

  • Included an auto-generated Trademark policy page that includes basic business details loaded from the config file. #44


  • Added native Google Analytics support via the .env file. Google Analytics configuration. #1

  • Added native Tailwind theme colors inside tailwind.config.js file. Theme configuration

  • Added native ConvertKit newsletter sign-up support via the .env file. ConvertKit configuration

  • Updated the Elegant CLI init script to provide detailed instructions for the build steps when starting a new project. #13

  • Created a new core Splash Page layout. The splash page layout can be used for creating landing pages with sticky headers and custom navigation. #16

  • Added a sticky header meta page option.

  • Created core components namespace. The core components will function as a starting point for future theme creation and extendability. #17

  • Created a new “Splash” landing page layout template for creating simple landing pages.

  • Updated the footer URL links to pop open in a new tab if they are linking to external URLs.


  • Added Jest testing to the library.

  • Major upgrade to Next.js.

  • Added MDX Loader for creating web pages from Markdown files.

  • Added Tailwind CSS to craft a beautiful frontend theme.

  • GitHub Actions ci integration.

  • Added Elegant base theme with a near-perfect Lighthouse SEO score.


  • Updated the application configuration to seamlessly support Next.js and hosting. #5

  • Added Jest end-to-end integration testing. #3


  • Added Jest testing

  • Created install docs as a sample guide.

  • Added easy config with .env files

  • Added Light mode/ Dark mode support

  • Created Docs site template

  • Created npx elegant-init cli command